Make-up Studio – Rebels with love…

Daring and spontaneous, that's what Team M-U-S-T wants to show with this look. It will become a happy summer in which a real 'rebellious little girls feeling' is brought to expression. Everything is possible this summer. It is permitted to wear an evening make-up as a day make-up as long as you wear it with flair.                                         

The eyeshadows Ray of Light, Pure Pink and Sun Gold can be perfectly combined for a daring summer look. The Eye Definer (a semi-permanent eyeliner) gives the look a powerful, beaming expression. Combine rebellious and daring colours with gentle rose lip gloss or a nude colour lipstick that Make-up Studio added to its trend display of summer 2008. Rebels with love! That is what Team M-U-S-T liked to show us this summer.

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