Make-up Studio – Summer Dreams

Summer 2009 will be a colourful season. Whether it's about clear pastels, fresh accents or bright colours, anything is possible! Colourful with a wink to the 70’s. Thanks to the Ton-Sur-Ton effect, it will never get over the top. Summer Dreams, Silky Touch and Love & Cherish are just some words that describe the feeling of Summer 2009.

This year, Team M-U-S-T chose pastel shades from the elaborate colour range. Summer Dreams is the remarkable theme for the upcoming season. Femininity will be combined with mysterious romance in which white and pastel shades can’t be missed. Make-up Studio added besides Rose Dust and Sensual White (two beautiful superfrost eyeshadows) the Grey Illusion, to make sure the look won't be too romantic. Combine the Grey Illusion with the Eyedefiner Turquoise for a beaming expression.

Get inspired by the romantic atmosphere! Besides the three extraordinary eyeshadows, Team M-U-S-T chose the lipstick Pink Flower and Soft Peach. For a sparkling finishing touch, we complete this look with the Sparkling lipgloss SP1.

Summer Dreams - Mysterious Romance

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Summer Dreams
Summer Dreams

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