Sun Goddess

Make-up Studio Summer Trend Collection 2014

This Summer it's out with the minimal chic we've seen the past few seasons and in with the outrageous. Let it be all about YOU! At Make-up Studio we love to explore and discover how we can mix colours & textures. It is our personal mission to help you unleash your unique personality and be as beautiful as you can be. We welcome the era of women. Feel free to not only rule the world but to rule the universe.

Eyeshadow Lumière Duo Hera Eyeshadow in Box Trio Artemis
Eyeshadow Lumière Duo
Eyeshadow in Box Trio

Lipstick Aphrodite Nail colour Nemesis Shimmer Effect Bronze
1 Aphrodite
Nail Colour
120 Nemesis
Shimmer Effect

Inspiration summer 2014
Be inspired by our colourful and empowering Sun Goddess Summer 2014 makeup collection! This season your eyes will be the center of attention with our heavenly eyeshadows in colours such as sunny orange, vivid purple and strong metallic silver and bronze. Combined with fashion garments such as airy lace, artistic prints or a must have pleated skirt you will be nothing less but a true Goddess! Make-up Studio's Summer Trend collection Sun Goddess not only gives you divine power like the ancient goddesses in early times, true heroic women, but takes you beyond the skies. You've got it in you… Be nothing less than a Goddess!

Beware of what happens with goddesses Artemis and Hera on your eyes...

See through Artemis eyes. A matte Eyeshadow trio consisting of a combination of intense pigmentated colours purple, violet and orange. Colours that enhance power, power so great, that always succeeding as a warrior, like Artemis, is just a heart beat away.

Use Eyeshadow Lumière Duo Hera. Wear your strong metallics bronze and silver and mix them together with eye shadow trio Artemis. Hera is a baked powder eye shadow that does not dust. It is all you need for claiming the atmosphere and change the elements. This lethal combination for your eyes makes you the ruler of heaven and earth, just like Hera.

Lips like Aphrodite. The lipstick is easy to apply, has a soft feeling, keeps your lips smooth and is long lasting. With Aphrodite on your lips, you will own the universe and heaven, just like her.

Oh my sweet revenge... Complete your look with vamp like nails, choose Nemesis Nail Colour and make you revenge as sweet as Nemesis'!

Backstage Sun Goddess photoshoot spring 2014


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