Shiny, happy, holidays!

Make-up Studio Theme December 2014

"Ready to party?"

Mirror, mirror on the wall… December is all about shine and glimmer. With makeup you can really make a statement during the festivities and dress up events. Whether your style is to add glitter from head till toe or if you're more of a subtle touch and choose a stunning gloss effect, the title "the belle of the ball" is definitely yours with this sparkling makeup look!

Glitter Eye Makeup

"Gotta love glitter! All the ‘Effects’ products of Make-up Studio are fantastic!"
By beautyblogger Lotte Loves Beauty

Silver Jewel Effects

Silver Jewel Effects

Whether you choose Shine or Sparkle, this super glossy powder with sterling silver and a very high pigment content provides an extra festive effect and an aura of luxury! The Jewel Effects Shine gives a intensive silver glow and with the mesmerizing cosmetic ‘glitter mirrors’ from Jewel Effects Sparkle you shine on any party.

Extra: the Jewel Effects is a true multi functional product because you can apply the product both onto the eye, on the face and the body. Ready for the next level? Use the Jewel Effects on top of your favourite lip gloss or lipstick.

Available in two effects: Shine and Sparkle. The Jewel Effect Sparkle should be applied in combination with the 2-Way Gel.

Glimmer Effects

Shiny Effects

Gorgeous loose glitters in 20 different colours to turn every look into a true eye catcher! You can use the glimmer effects onto your entire eyelid, as an eyeliner or as highlight.

Can’t get enough of glitter? Sprinkle some glimmer effects onto your freshly applied nail polish for a spectacular glitter topping.

Available in 20 different colours. The glimmer effects should be applied in combination with the 2-Way Gel.

Metallic Effects

Metallic Effects

Metallic fantastic. High quality shining pigments with metallic finish for an unknown shine! The pigments light the eyes with intense vibrant colours. Metallic Effects can be applied as a transparent, metallic eye shadow or can be applied in combination with the 2-Way Gel for a more covering effect.

Available in 5 colours.
The Metallic effects can be used in combination with the 2-Way Gel for an extra intense effect.

"The Shiny Effects are makeup artists' favourites to create ‘smokey eyes’ , the perfect look for the holiday season!"

Shiny Effects

Shiny Effects

A beautiful loose shimmer powder in 29 different colours that can be applied as a transparent effect and a covering effect. For an extra brilliant gloss effect you can also apply Shiny Effects on a matte eyeshadow.

Available in 29 different colours.
The Shiny effects can be used in combination with the 2-Way Gel for an extra intense effect.

2-Way Gel

This transparent gel is the ideal base to apply loose powders. Only a thin layer is sufficient for long term fixation of the powder / glitters. In addition, using the 2-Way Gel provides a higher colour intensity.

2-Way Gel


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