Red lips: the ultimate seduction!

February 2015

Who will be your Valentine?

February is the month of love…and the colour ‘Red’! A month to dream, swoon and celebrate Love. Red lips are essential for seduction. Add some sexiness to your look and rock red lipstick, the one and only true beauty classic! Whether you choose coral red, ruby red, wine red or candy apple red, your face will light up with love.

Pick your favorite and have a lovely Valentine! These products of Make-up Studio will make sure Cupido won’t miss.

Red Lips

Red Lipstick

Red Lipstick
For beautiful seductive red lips!

Whether you go for a matt or pearl finish, with this long-lasting red lipstick, available in over 80 colours, you have the perfect seductive red lips! This red lipstick is easy to apply, feels soft, keeps your lips smooth and remains long and well. All colours are also available as a round refill or as lip colour box with 6 or 18 colours..

Paint Gloss - Red Lips

Paint Gloss - Red Lips
For the ultimate kiss!

Kissable red lips with this beautiful red lip gloss, available in 14 colors! The Paint Gloss is a beautiful covering gloss: lipstick effect with ultimate shiny finish for fatal attraction!

Red Durable Lip Fluid

Red Durable Lip Fluid
For long romantic evenings!

Looking for a long-lasting red lip gloss for a night out with the love of your life? Thanks to the special long-lasting formula is the red Durable Lip Fluid perfect for a romantic, long night out. First, apply the red color, let it to dry and then apply the clear gloss. The transparent gloss fixes the colour layer so it stays up to 18 hours. Ready to party!

Lip Liner Pencil

Lip Liner Pencil - No. 1
For perfect lines!

This Lipliner Pencil is the perfect base for your lipstick! The beautiful series of high quality lip pencils is available in 15 attractive colours. For a tight, long-lasting lip!

Lipcolour Box 6 colours

Lipcolour Box 6 colours - Red 2
Your ultimate treasure!

Six red colours in one box! A treasure for your lips. The luxurious and practical box covers a professional palette of six different reds and has a soft touch cover.


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