Vanilla Sky Fusion

Spring/Summer Trend Collection 2015

So hypnotizing
This time your spring and summer look will give you hypnotizing powers. A clean, inspiring, dreamy but fearless Make-up Studio look, which will make heads turn. Make-up Studio presents: Vanilla Sky Fusion, the Spring Summer Trend Collection 2015.

Nude 2.0
Vanilla Sky Fusion is the long awaited answer to the nude trend 2.0, suitable to everyone everywhere. A makeup look with global appeal, as all women can see the mystical colourations of a Vanilla Sky anywhere around the world. We encourage you to go the extra mile. The sky offers no limits as her appearance is universal and at the same time unique and different every day. Just a ray of golden light trough purple pink and blue skies, offering us proof of being part of something majestic and grand; Nature’s wonder. Therefore we strive to give every woman an opportunity to create her own Vanilla Sky and unleash her unique beauty. Just add a little Vanilla to your spring summer look and you’re good to go, good to be Grand.

Vanilla Sky Fusion Summer trend 2015

The gorgeous hues of the Vanilla Sky will work their magic on your face and the secret ingredient is Fusion! It’s a Fusion of colours of nature combined with lightweight pastels; nudes, greens, lilacs, mint greens, with hints of bronze and gold. An immaculate creation of new colourations, which elevates the existence of the nude makeup trend to a whole new level. A sensational nude look, varying from a single shade only, with a light velvet finish to an intense fusing of all trend colours, granting you an ‘ oh la la, have we met before’ gaze. No matter what age, skin tone or destination, just welcome the new nude…

Vanilla Sky Fusion: our spring summer season gift to you. Lots of lilac kisses to you all. Enjoy!

Step by step make-up tutorial

Face Prep Illuminating Primer

Start fresh and use the moisturizing, nourishing and protecting Face Prep Illuminating Primer including SPF 30 for long lasting makeup and a radiant skin. Next apply your favourite Make-up Studio foundation and fixate it with Translucent Powder Extra Fine..

Make-up tutorial eye shadow

Step 1
It is time for the Eyeshadow Wet & Dry Trio Fusion Illusion! Apply the matt mint green colour to the inner and outer corner of the eyelid and the matt lilac colour in the centre of the eyelid.

Step 2
Create a shadow in the crease with the dark green colour from Eyeshadow Wet & Dry Trio. Blend it with the matt green colour in the outer corner of your eye for a subtle effect.

Gow to apply eye shadow

Step 3
Apply the Eyeshadow Duo Holographic Sphere more yellow gold colour under the lower lash line and use the other gold colour as highlight in the inner corner.
Don’t forget: blend everything well!

Step 4
Shape your brows and fix them with the Eyebrow Fix for a long lasting result. Enhance your lashes with the Mascara Perfect Pro Lash Waterresistant.

Makeup Tip
A nude colour eyeshadow is a perfect base on the eyelid. This will provide a smooth canvas for other eye shadow colours. It will make the eyeshadows blend better and help them stay in place.

Blusher tutorial makeup

Blusher Lumière Bizar Bronze just below the cheekbones will give you that perfect sun kissed glow.

Lipstick tutorial how to

Let the airy and breezy lilac colour work her magic on your kissable lips. Your totally on trend with Lipstick Airy Lilac with matt finish!

Nail Colour- Squeaky Clean

Finising touch
Complete the look with the Nail Colour Squeaky Clean, the fashionable beauty must have! A lively, yet soft and natural colour, a pinky mystical cloud for your fingertips.

Vanilla Sky Fusion inspiration

Eyeshadow Duo Holographic Sphere

Eyeshadow Duo Holographic Sphere

Yes ladies, it’s finally here! The Holograpic Sphere! A shiny baked powder with a fusion of colour you have never experienced before. Several hues of gold, bronze, green in a holographic surrounding which make your eyes a true vision of heaven…

Eyeshadow Trio - Fusion Illusion

Eyeshadow Trio - Fusion Illusion

Eye catching colour, which will make you and the Vanilla Sky see eye to eye. A trio of eye shadows in a combination of matte and shiny finishes. With super intense colours due to high pigment content. Applying is a breeze; the easy and light texture will impart a true mirage. Choose the intensity of your illusion, and apply your eye shadow wet or dry.

Lila Lipstick

Lipstick - Airy Lilac

Coming as the new impressive and chic interpretation for the colour diversity of makeup, lilac overtakes the show. Put it like the stylists and enjoy your stunning looks to the full! Lipstick Airy Lilac is just the perfect lipstick. Apply in a easy whoosh and let the airy and breezy Lilac colour work her magic on your kissable lips. Finishing off with a trending mat finish.

Blusher Lumiere - Bizar Bronze

Blusher Lumiere - Bizar Bronze

Extremely intense and super shiny baked blusher powder that does not dust. It offers an enviable natural radiance, to highlight your beautiful features. A sun kissed bronze hue, just for you.

Nail Colour- Squeaky Clean

Nail Colour- Squeaky Clean

Complete your nude 2.0 look with the fashionable beauty must have: nail colour. A lively, yet soft and natural colour, a pinky mystical cloud for your fingertips. Wave those hands and let the crowd enjoy your nail ecstasy!


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