Pastels turn to dust

Pastel oogschaduw look

In transition from day to night, when the sun makes room for the moon, lines blur, silhouettes take on mysterious shapes and colours blend together, everything becomes subjective. This moment of transition is characterized by beautiful colour combinations in soft pastel shades. You’re taken into a world that intrigues and inspires.

With the new Eyeshadow Moondust in glistening pastel shades you’re able to create that mysterious gleaming effect repeatedly onto your eyes. The shimmer is perfect for summer! The blend of colours in each eye shadow with dazzling brilliance has a mesmerized effect on every look. The sparkling colours move towards the cooler and softer side of the colour spectrum and are totally on trend this spring and summer.

Eyeshadow pastel
Eyeshadow Moondust Pastel

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