Madame X Fall Winter makeup trend 2015

Fall / Winter Trend Collection 2015/2016

Madame X Fall Winter makeup trend 2015

There’s absolutely nothing that eternalizes beauty even more than the creation of a portrait art painting. If it’s the hours, days, weeks or months that an artist just glazes at his canvas and creates the most breath taking images only just in his mind. In the end it’s all about that moment when we walk by, stop and stare…unconventional beauty hanging on the wall, staring at you, catching your eye and taking over your thoughts. This professional beauty captured in time, has claimed infinity.

Fall Winter ‘15/’16 grants us a perfect refined look in shades of pure everlasting beauty. Madame X carefully created by a true beauty art master, a makeup artist.

Soft contoured cheeks, delicate lips, combed brows and a mesh of coloration on the eyes. Deep shaded reds to seek the intensity, precious bronze and gold colours with hints of shimmer, classy violet peeking around creating mystery, vintage browns and natural taupe hues to the finish of the incredible look of Madame X. There for the spectators to see but never to fully comprehend the true origin of this tempting beauty. A mystery to the end, intriguing to her audience for ever.

Taupe oogschaduw Lumière

Eyeshadow Lumière - Tempting Taupe
An eye shadow with a rock solid formulation for a colorintense and shiny, baked powder eye shadow that does not dust. Tempting as from the initial moment the brush strokes the skin up to the little mystery it creates on the eyes. Taupe being the everlasting true shade of elegance, it’s the must have for an eye catching moment.

Gouden oogschaduw Lumière

Eyeshadow Lumière Citrine Gold
A very intense, super shiny baked powder eye shadow, leaving no dust at all. Just by opening the pretty looking luxury box you get an instant gold rush. Eyes precious as gems when applied single. Delicate illumination on eyes once applied in a mix and match with other colours. Citrine Gold is the iridescent finish to all your eye looks you have ever encountered...

Matte paarse oogschaduw

Matte Eyeshadow 204 Purple Canvas
This highly pigmented matte eye shadow is easy to use. Apply wet for even more powerful and long-lasting effect. Impeccable purple defines depth in your look, making your glans mysterious like never before. In combination with the shiny eye shadows you are ready for the rendez-vous.

Lipstick Matte - Velvet Raspberry Beret

Lipstick Matte - Velvet Raspberry Beret
Isn’t she great? The perfect matte lipstick. Your one way ticket to an easy to apply and long-lasting finish for the ultimate perfect beauty statement. The colour intense and highly pigmented formula emphasis the flawless work of art painted on the lips.

Nail Colour - Grape Fine Palette (M9)

Nail Colour - Grape Fine Palette (M9)
A warm and lavish, ultra feminine palette of deep grape adds that umph to your look. Paint one stroke for instant pure colour and two strokes for intensity. The ultimate finishing touch is on the top of your fingers.

White Eye Pencil - Soothing Transparency

White Eye Pencil - Soothing Transparency
The way to a sophisticated and intense glaze is to apply a Stroke of Halo into your eyes. An easily blendable and creamy textured eye pencil for versatile use as an eyeliner, defining the eye crease or blending across the eye lid. For the Halo effect, apply in the waterline of the eye.

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