Make-up Studio Around the world seminar

First M Around the World Seminar by Make-up Studio huge success

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June 10th and 11th 2009 the first M Around the World Seminar took place in the prestigious Park Hyatt hotel in Dubai. The objective of this 2-day seminar was to create co-operation and inspiration among Make-up Studio distributors from the United Arab Emirates, Saudi-Arabia, Lebanon, Syria, Kuwait, Egypt, Iran and India.

The first day was dedicated to ‘look & learns’, make-up demonstrations and shows. Ron Romeijn, international trainer at Make-Up Studio, started off with a ‘look and learn’ on the airbrush, demonstrating how easy it is to almost do a complete make-up with the airbrush, applying from foundation to eye shadow. By using a self made stencil he showed several creative possibilities, demonstrating that the airbrush is a true challenge for every make-up artist.

During the following demonstration Ron went over the top in applying a magnificent Fantasy Make-up. Lots of bright colours, fake eyelashes and striking lips! For this creation he used the new H2O Aquapaints, which will be launched in September. The Dutch fashion designer Sandra Scheffer designed a beautiful dress especially for this look and there was a necklace to fit the dress. The effect was dazzling, given the great interest shown by photographers and camera people.

Another highlight of the second day was the traditional bridal show. Make-Up Studio make-up artists from India, Saudi-Arabia, Iran, Lebanon and Dubai were asked to arrange the make-up for a traditional bride from their own country.

Each of the five beautiful models and their make-up artists were presented on stage for 15 minutes to show the start of the make-up. Afterwards, the next duo arrived on stage and the duo that left continued the make-up session back stage. Video recording was done both on stage and back stage and the live images were projected simultaneously on a screen in the conference room.

Afterwards, all brides accompanied by their make-up artists entered on stage while the song ‘Around the World’ by Daft Punk was played. Of course, the brides were dressed in traditional wedding gowns. It was an amazing sight! The results were astonishing and everyone received a big applause and lots of attention from the media.

Ron Romeijn in action
In Action!
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  Bridal Make-up
Bridal Make-Up
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  Who is who
Who is who?
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