Morph 2010: Make-Up Studio Training Center (MSTC)

A new Avatar of Professional Make-up takes shape at Morph 2010 — Make-Up Studio Training Center unveils special surprise on its first anniversary

It was a glimpse at the future of the professional make up world. The unexplored imaginations and untypical visions morphing into reality; evoking inspired reactions, contemplation and an air of positivity and promise. The Morph 2010, was held on 4th September at hotel Intercontinental Eros, Nehru Place, New Delhi, to mark the first anniversary of Make-Up Studio Training Center (MSTC), which is a training arm of world’s renowned brand of professional make-up products, Make–Up Studio.

Morph 2010

Make-up Studio Morph 2010

To celebrate this special occasion, and to notch up the services offered, MSTC launched a new training program ‘3D Prosthetics and Special Effects Make-Up’. Undoubtedly, this program will take students’ career to new heights and simultaneously it will add a new dimension to Indian film and theatre industry. Also unveiled on the occasion was Make-Up Studio’s bi-annual book- Trend Book-5 and exclusive new products.

“MSTC provides hands-on training in all areas of professional makeup. The programs have been immaculately designed to prepare the novices to become fully trained and to turn the experts in the fields, the maverick! Moreover, the dutch recognized Certification from ANBOS , helps them get a global recognition. The new training program will help students to enhance their portfolios and highlight their ability to recognize and meet the industry’s ever-changing demands”, reckoned Ravi Mittal, Managing Director, Make-Up Studio Training Center.

The new training program ‘3D Prosthetics and Special Effects Make-up’ started the week before the event and was hosted by Attie Tabak and Annechien Braams. Attie is make-up artist, designs costumes and has been a teacher at make-up art and costume/theatre design at the Dutch School of Arts. She is renowned as the Picasso of special effects, casting techniques, make up wigs and masks. Annechien is a freelance make-up artist and was responsible for the make-up at “Goede Tijden Slechte Tijden”, a Dutch tv show.

“Special Effects is a world of its own: bruises, gashes, aging, ghouls, monsters, earthly creatures, fantasy creatures, prosthetics, blood, body suits - all encompassing the world superseding reality. The opportunities in this profession are endless. A career as a makeup artist requires tremendous dedication and hard work, yet is exciting, creative, rewarding and ever changing. MSTC is one place that embraces students with all the pre-requisites and instills in them a distinguishing factor of imagination”, says Attie.

During Morph 2010 both Attie and Annechien represented the MSTC on stage. Attie created an amazing “living flower” and Annechien showed her version of an Indian/Western bride named “Ravishing Renaissance”. The event was concluded by a grand finale that was put together by the joint efforts of faculty and students of MSTC. A fashion show depicting unconventional make-up on themes like prosthetics, nature, wedding special and avant-garde awed everybody. The mesmerizing looks such as Cirque de soleil , one of the largest and most successful circus in the world; the popular ‘Joker’ from Batman; Goddess Durga; Green turn; the Khajuraho bride and beauty of Cleopatra and Egyptian devils transported the crowd into a mystical world. Besides highlighting the technical skills of students, the show also brought their deep observation and analytical ability to the light. Over 200 people including stalwarts of professional make-up industry witnessed the magic of Morph 2010.

So if you want to morph your imaginations and creativity into a professional career, you know where to head.

Make-up Studio director Rienk Koopman and Managing Director (MSTC) Ravi Mittal Make-up Studio: Annechien Braams on stage Make-up Studio: Attie Tabak on stage Make-up Studio Morph 2010
Make-up Studio Morph 2010 Make-up Studio Morph 2010 Make-up Studio Morph 2010 Make-up Studio Morph 2010
Make-up Studio Morph 2010 Make-up Studio Morph 2010

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