Make-up Studio starts cooperation with Bulgarian TV series "The Glass House"

Make-Up Studio was introduced by the company Velisimo (owned by Daniela Dinkova) to the Bulgarian market in 2010 first to the professional and now with the sponsorship of the famous Bulgarian TV hit serie “The Glass House” also to the consumer. Already the Glass House is called the block buster of 2011 in Bulgaria and this famous serie is also broadcasted to Turkey through Fox TV. Non Bulgarian TV serie has been broadcasted out of Bulgaria before. The plot of the serie focuses on the life of a wealthy and successful family, torn by schemes, lies, treachery and love triangles.

TV Series The Glass House

For the look of the cast the high-quality products of Make-Up Studio have deservedly been chosen, the quality of the products successfully facilitates their work and contributes to the confident behavior of the cast in front of the camera. The actors and actresses themselves admit that the good coverage and endurance of the make-up is of crucial significance for TV work and these are the qualities with which Make-Up Studio really stands out. The rich palette of colours enables the cast to truthfully represent their characters. The actresses are impressed by the possibilities the products have to offer and use them in their everyday lives. One of the products which has rapidly become a favorite is the Durable Lip Fluid. One of its major advantages apart from the tempting hues, is the fact that it is food and kiss-resistant and remains intact throughout the day. The cast of “The Glass House” fell in love with the specially developed foundations High Definition, which smooth the faces of the stars like a magic wand.

Cameramen and photographers are turning to the high technological HD. For the artists and make-up artists in this field it is a real challenge to adapt their work to the HD format. With the proved characteristics of this perfect professional make-up the achieved look is natural and cheerful. This is what the “The Glass House’ team thinks about their cooperation with Make-Up Studio and the fact that their opinion is proved by the quality can be seen on the screen by all viewers.

Make-up Studio starts cooperation with Bulgarian TV series The Glass House

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