Make-up Studio on Slovak top fashion event Bratislava Fashion Days 2012

Bratislava, the capital city of Slovakia, was hosting already the 7th year of the Slovak top fashion event Bratislava Fashion Days. The event is organized by the Agency Promotion in co-operation with woman magazine La Femme and the well known names from international and Slovak fashion are always presented. It is also a big opportunity for young talented designers, many famous names of Slovak fashion designers were discovered through this event.

During three days of the autumn part of the Fashion Days people could see new collections from big names like Igor Gulyaev, Madonna's brother Christhopher Ciccone, Emilio Pucci, Marco Varni and respected Slovak designers i.e. Lukas Kimlicka, Lubica Kucerova, Jana Pistejová, Veronika Hloznikova and others.

The three days long event was also a big challenge for the team from Make-up Studio Eurovea. Team of ten make-up artists was taking care of all the models throughout the whole event. You can see the gorgeous results of their work on the backstage video below.

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