Make-up Studio backstage at the Fall/Winter 2013-2014 Hans Ubbink fashion show

Early this year Make up Studio was responisible for the Make up at the fall/winter 2013/2014 show of the Dutch top designer Hans Ubbink, for the third time in succession. A professional team of Make up Studio make up artists took the models to task, led by ‘chef de cabine’Marc Lubach. A team of hairstylists of the Dutch hairdressers chain Rob Peetoom was responsible for all of the hairstyling.

The basis of the make up consisted of Fluid Foundation No Transfer and Blusher Lumiere Soft peach/True Pink. In the eye make up, the eyebrows were colored with the Brow Definer. For the eyes Marc Lubach chose eyeshadow Superfrost Blue Frost en Red Glow and added Colour Pigments Citrine and a beautiful blue eyeliner with ‘wing’ (Cream Eyeliner Blue). A shiny layer was added for a special finish of the eye make up to get a wet look effect. For a highlight under the eyebrow, the Make up Studio team chose Compact Powder Make-up Fair. The softpink colored lipps (Lipstick nr. 36) completed the catwalk look.

Hans Ubbink has been doing research to find a new print for his new collection. He told he found his inspiration in a recycling store in a twilight lamp. "This lamp represents cosiness, modesty and frumpishness. When I add my signature it becomes less dowdy and a lot more fun."

Watch the compilation video and backstage pictures from the fashion show of Hans Ubbink:

Compilation / report fashion show spring/summer 2013-2014 Hans Ubbink.

Backstage Hans Ubbink fall winter 2013
Backstage with "Chef de cabine" Marc Lubach in collaboration with Make-up Studio make up artist Annechien Braams and team Make-up Studio including Angela van Eck of Studio Bellezza.

Annechien Braams at Hans Ubbink
Make-up Studio make up artist Annechien Braams and make up artist Angela van Eck acting at the fashion show of Hans Ubbink

Makeup Hans Ubbink
Backstage with Angela van Eck of Studio Bellezza at Hans Ubbink fashion show

Backstage at Hans Ubbink
Backstage with make up artist Annechien Braams on behalf of Make-up Studio at Hans Ubbink fashion show

make-up Hans Ubbink fall winter
Backstage with the Make-up Studio make up artists at the Hans Ubbink fashion show

The Collection

The collection consists of garments which all look very easy to put on. Comfortable and with a good fit. All made of durable quality fabrics. All details like seams, collars or pockets are very refined and well considered. Piece by piece recognizable garments; timeless and always easy to combine. Classic with a twist of rock. Outfits made of different materials but in the same (dark) colours. Leather pants for men, knee-length velour’s skirts for woman.

Famous Dutch people are all fans of the Hans Ubbink pieces. Many Dutch celebrities are spotted in the Dutch designers clothes.

The show took place at the beautiful new headquarters of Hans Ubbink, a beautiful storehouse in Amsterdam. A stunning décor which reminds us of the thirties and fifties..

Hans Ubbink winter show 2013 Hans Ubbink winter fashion 2013 Hans Ubbink Winter 2013
© Copyright by Jeroen Snijders

The models showed the Fall/Winter 2013/2014 collection of Hans Ubbink in a ‘modern-retro’ theme with reference to the thirties and fifties..

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