Face Shaping tips & tricks

Shape it!

You can optical change your face shape by shaping techniques. The results can be spectacular! Some celebrities do not leave the house without a ‘shaped’ face. Here you can find out how to shape your face with contouring and highlighting. Do you want more information or personal tips and tricks? Follow a workshop in one of our Brand Stores.

There are different shaping techniques, all with their own effects:
- For the most intense effect, use a concealer or Face-it Cream Foundation.
- For a more natural effect, shape with light and darker fluid foundation colours.
- For the most natural look, shape with powder products.

MUST HAVE: ‘Banana’ is the highlighting colour, especially for under the eyes.

Shapen tips & tricks

Shaping with concealer
- Apply a dark concealer (Nr 4.) to contour. (See dark shaping areas on photo). Next, apply a light concealer to highlight (Nr 1 or Light 2)(See light shaping areas on photo).
-Blend the concealer with the Foundation Polish Brush
-Apply the Face it Cream Foundation in the right skin colour and use the Translucent Powder 1 to fix and mattify the face.

Shaping with fluid foundation
Apply a light and darker fluid foundation (Fluid Foundation No Transfer) as shown above. Blend this with the Polish Brush until there are no more harsh lines visible. Apply the Translucent to mattify the skin.

Shaping with powder
Apply your favorite foundation as you are used to (with a brush). Next, apply the powders from the Highlight & Shading box or blusher 9 (Grey/Brown shade)/ blusher 60 (Brown shade) and blusher 56 (off white) as shown as the photo above for a natural shaped face.

Face Shaping Box
Specially composed shaping pallets with powder or Face it Foundation to give your face the desired shape! The colour ‘Banana’ is thé musthave for highlighting and therefore added to every shaping box. The boxes are selected for light and dark skin.

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