Make-up Studio at Cosmoprof Bologna 2015

Cosmoprof Bologna is the leading worldwide event for the professional beauty sector. The 2015 edition took place from 20th-23rd March in Bologna, Italy and hosted many international brands. Cosmoprof Bologna welcomed major retailers from China, Germany, Colombia, France, the Far East, Spain, Pakistan, the UK, the USA and , for the first time, the United Arab Emirates, Thailand and the Netherlands. Make-up Studio participated for the 10th time and with great success!

Make-up Studio was by far the most outstanding, attractive and best visited booth at Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna. Among the visitors were existing customers from the UK, Spain, Cyprus and Belgium as well as new buyers from the USA, Canada, South America, Asia and emerging economies of the African continent all excited to discover the new product innitiatives and/or looking for new brands to boost their sales.

In addition to the presentation of its wide product range and attractive & commercial displays Make-up Studio organized spectacular makeup shows hosted by World Champion Makeup Artist Paddy McGurgan which amazed visitors and underlined what Make-up Studio stands for: the art of makeup from Amsterdam.

Our successful presence at Cosmoprof Bologna will contribute to the further growth of Make-up Studio worldwide. We look forward to developing new product initiatives for our current and new markets. We will keep you posted!

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Make-up Studio Cosmoprof Bologna

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