Beautiful shaped eyebrows

Professional Brow Kit

Professional Brow Kit
Professional Brow Kit to create the perfect brows for your individual features, to accentuate and design your face shape.

In 4 steps Perfect Brows / Brow tutorial

Brow Stencils Shape

Brow tutorial
Choose your Brow Stencil
To determine the ideal Brow Stencil shape, line up the stencil the best you can over your natural brow and select the arch that fits the most of your natural brow hair through the cut out.

Perfect brows Make-up Studio

Color brows

Shape and colour your brows

Align the chosen stencil with points 1 and 2 as seen in the illustration and hold it with your middle and index finger. Use the Brow Brush to dab the Brow Powder onto your whole eyebrow inside the cut out. Remove the stencil, shake it and then repeat it on the other eyebrow.

Brow Powder
Wenkbrauwen epileren

Tweeze your brows

Use the Tweezer to remove hairs outside the powdered area.

Tweezer Brows
highlight brows

Step 4: Apply a subtle highlight

Use the Highlighter Brush to apply Highlighter Eyeshadow under the eyebrow curve making the eyebrow look even more beautiful and smoother.

highlight eyeshadow brows

The brow shape must be traced according to three lines of the geometry of the face to ensure perfect eyebrows.

Beautiful shaped eyebrows

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